Antimicrobial Travel Toothbrush - Set of 2

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The Mouth Watchers® antimicrobial toothbrush is now available in a travel size! It offers breakthrough in oral care by providing the optimal cleaning experience. The revolutionary antimicrobial dual layer flossing bristles, reach into area untouched by prior toothbrushes, leaving teeth and gums feeling just as clean as after a professional dental cleaning. 

The hardest working toothbrush for the hardest working CrossFit athletes. 


  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on bristles in 6 hours due to the proprietary silver bristle technology
  • Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™—Long, soft bristles with one micrometer diameter tips reach areas missed by other toothbrushes. The bristles reach deep into teeth grooves and the periodontal pockets for superior cleaning, while harder inner bristles ensure complete cleaning of the outer surfaces and massage the gums. 
  • Comfort grip handle 
  • High-quality construction 
  • PBT Bristle material outlasts traditional nylon used in competitive brushes

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