Complete Skateboard

$ 99.95

CrossFit™ branded Complete Skateboard, manufactured by NHS Inc. 

Pukie™ art designed by Oscar Rodriquez. 

Graphic: Pukie, designed by Oscar Rodriguez
Deck size: 7.5” x 30”
Recommended height: 5’3” and larger
Age: 13+
Shoe size: 9 and up

Deck: Lightweight, super strong 7-ply maple deck with pro concave, hot-pressed with strong epoxy glue for high impact strength.
Trucks: Strong, lightweight cast aluminum trucks with a quick and stable pro-action turning geometry, and a softer 84A high rebound performance cushion for an easy turn.
Wheels: Fast, smooth and durable wheels featuring a softer 90A hardness, high rebound formula for a controlled slide and extra resistance to flat spots.
Bearings: ABEC rated high-speed chrome steel bearings, with smooth spin oil lubrication for extended roll.
Grip tape: Professional-grade grip tape for long lasting, durable performance; and the grip to stick your tricks.
Hardware: Industrial-grade mounting hardware, axles and truck kingpins for maximum strength and safety.

About NHS Inc.

NHS Inc. started in Santa Cruz, California, with a couple of surfers who wanted to “ride the asphalt” when the waves were flat. Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman founded NHS Inc. in 1973, making it the oldest company in the world dedicated to selling skateboards. They are also the makers of the famous Santa Cruz skateboard brand you can often see around Santa Cruz on a regular basis.

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