CrossFit™ Barbell Collars

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CrossFit™ Barbell Collars, made by SnapClips™, use a patented "snap technology," making securing and swapping weights quick and easy. The silicone grip and Velco® lock secure the clips tightly against the weights without damaging the bar or plates. Unlike other collars, which lose tension, SnapClips never lose tension and allow you to adjust how tightly they lock onto any barbell 1.5-2.5" in diameter.

Check out this "SnapClips How To" video!

How to use SnapClips: 

  • Hold the clip with your thumb on the logo. Hit the center of the barbell right below the Velcro strip. 
  • Make sure the clip is making contact with the bar all the way around. 
  • Pull the tab tight and Velcro it down to lock it into place. 
  • To remove the clips, undo the Velcro and peel the clip off the bar. 
  • Using both hands, hold the clip by the metal inside, not just the fabric. 
  • Push with your thumbs to straighten the clip out. 


  • For use on barbells 1.5" to 2.5" in diameters
  • Non-skid silicone grip is designed to stick and lock onto any barbell sleeve
  • To clean, wipe with a wet towel 
  • Made from a PAS fiber blend—the same material used in bulletproof vests—to ensure durability and a long life in the gym

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