CrossFit™ Stunt Runner™ Leash

$ 39.95

Enjoy hands-free control when you and your dog hit the pavement. Versatile, flexible, and comfortable, the Stunt Runner™ was created specifically for runners and movers.

Available in two color options: Red or black

Details & Sizing

  • Flexible connector between you and your dog that stretches from 35" to 51" 
  • Black metal D-ring on waist belt slides to preferred running position 
  • Waist belt adjusts 28" to 49" 
  • Made in the USA

Material: Tubular nylon webbing—the same material used in top priority climbing and rescue gear

About Stunt Puppy - From Basement to Brand

For years, Ken Goldman searched for the perfect leash and collar for his golden retriever, Bauer. From volunteering at hospitals to running the trails, their lifestyle was busy – and put their dog gear to the test. Dissatisfied with other dog products on the market, Ken retreated to his basement, pulled out a sewing machine and created the Stunt Runner™, a dog leash fitted with a flexible connector, which enabled him to run easily with Bauer by his side. He tested his gear with neighborhood dogs and quickly moved on to the most active of canines: Search-and-rescue dogs, law enforcement dogs, Iditarod dogs, dock-diving dogs. These dogs continue to test all Stunt Puppy products and inspire new gear.

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