Men's Keep Fitness Legal T-shirt

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Join the movement! A portion of each sale is directed to the CrossFit Foundation and the Keep Fitness Legal campaign.

The "Keep Fitness Legal" campaign supports efforts to resist regulation and licensure of the professional fitness industry, to fight efforts to restrict competition and individual consumers' right to access fitness training, to support fitness trainers' right to speak about proper nutrition, and to keep CrossFit affiliates free to improve health and fitness in their local communities. 

Super soft 5050 blend that breathes while working out. 


  • Color: Black
  • Print location: Front
  • Ink colors: White, red
  • Material: 50/50 - 50% polyester, 50% cotton

Size chart: 

Small 18" 28.75"
Medium 20" 29.75"
Large 22" 30.75"
XL 24" 31.75"
XXL 26" 32.75"


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