Pukie™ Hand Grip

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Ripped hands suck! The Natural Grip has been saying that for years and has teamed up with CrossFit® to bring you Pukie™ branded Natural Grips.

*All sales are final on the Pukie™ Hand Grips and are not eligible for return. 


  • Made out of a Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape
  • Latex-free adhesive
  • The cotton tape material is a superior quality and is not able to be purchased in other athletic stores
  • The material used is high-quality porous, so it is breathable
  • Not washable
  • Easily secured with your own wrist wraps or athletic tape 
  • Meant to last 3-6 months, depending on frequency of use

Sizing: The Natural Grips are handmade to fit to your based on your ring finger size. 

Ring Size 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12
Ring Finger Circumference 48mm - 52mm 53mm - 57mm 58mm - 62mm 63mm - 68mm
Male/Female Female Female Male Male
Shoe Size Gauge 4.5 - 6 6.5 - 8 8.5 - 10 10.5 - 12



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