Speal: A David and Goliath Story by Chris Spealler

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Speal: A David and Goliath Story by Chris Spealler with Andréa Maria Cecil

The typical male CrossFit competitor is 5’9” and 190 pounds. Chris Spealler is 5’5” and 140 pounds. Such daunting facts would make most declare defeat before trying. Chris didn’t buy the odds, though. Instead, he forged his own modern-day David-and-Goliath story. 

Speal is Chris’s account of struggle and perseverance, despite being “too small.” What others did with ease, he seemed to do with sheer grit and will. And his actions put him among CrossFit’s elite.

His is not a story of a gifted athlete whose natural talent granted him acclaim, but rather of one man who refused to back down and inspired an entire community in the process.

About the Authors

Chris Spealler is an eight-time CrossFit Games competitor who accomplished the seemingly impossible as a five-foot-five, 140-pound athlete. he owns CrossFit Park City in Utah and is a former member of CrossFit Inc. Seminar Staff. As the latter, Spealler taught more than 300 seminars and helped develop CrossFit HQ courses. He also is the founder of Icon Athlete, which provides programming to CrossFit affiliate gyms and competitive CrossFit athletes worldwide. Spealler lives in Park City with his wife, two children, and two black labs, Oakley and Avalanche. 

Andréa Maria Cecil is a journalist of 17 years who started her career with The Associated Press. She is Assistant Managing Editor and Head Writer of the CrossFit Journal at CrossFit Inc. Headquarters in Northern California. 

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